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Hello, my name is Lucile Henderson! And welcome to the Curly Hair Diaries Podcast!! A show aimed at uplifting and empowering young women who have struggled with the fact their hair does not fit societies standards of beauty!

    The Curly Hair Diaries Podcast
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Ever been too afraid to ask a question to your black friend because you feel like you may offend them? Well, this is the episode for you! I invited one of my good friends Sydney Kaufman (who just so happens to be white ;) ) to ask questions to me that she or others may have when it comes to the black hair experience! It's a pretty funny episode so tune in if you want a good laugh! :)

In this VERY special epsiode, I brought on poet, motivational speaker and published author Jeremy Michael Vasquez from the Bay Area (@jeremymichaelvasquez)!! We talk about poetry as a form of healing and resilience... and may have gone on a tangent about which character in 'Dear White People' we see ourselves as. I know this is a longer episode than normal but it's worth tuning in for because we both share very honest and personal poetry about our hair so y'all are in for a true gift! Enjoy!

Ever feel like your hair is being looked at and treated differently depending on the space you are in? In this episode, I invited my friend Sally Nyambura on to speak about how we believe our hair is perceived and accepted in different spaces! Whether it be in predominately white spaces, 'professional' spaces or spaces dominated by people of color! Tune in!! :)

Ever wondering if it is okay to wear popular black hairstyles if you are not black? If so, join me in this episode where special guest Mona Asadi and I discuss our view on what should be considered as cultural appropriation versus appreciation! 

Apr 9th, 2019 by The Curly Hair Diaries at 6:45 pm

Ever been listening to a person with curly hair talk and they say a term you don't understand but you're too afraid to ask what it means?! Well, this is the episode for you!! Between this episodes guest star Simone, who likes to wear braids and weaves, and me, who wears my hair natural, you will get a variety of definitions to terms you have been wanting to know!! Hopefully, you will learn a lot! I know I did! :)

Apr 2nd, 2019 by The Curly Hair Diaries at 6:47 pm

For the first episode of the Curly Hair Diaries I invite my mom on the show to talk about how I used to deal with my hair as a kid as well as how I used to perceive the beauty of my hair. We discuss a lot of funny stories, some of which I did not even remember at all! So listen in for a fun episode! :)